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Look after yourself

by kaeru published 2022/01/06 14:05:00 GMT+8, last modified 2023-04-06T14:09:39+08:00

"Would I have fed a beloved dog stimulants to keep it working when it needed sleep? Never. Would I have dosed a cat with a mild poisoning of alcohol to relax it among strangers?"

Excerpt from
The Animal is Tired by Robin Hobb

Anyone who has worked with me knows, that for past 20 years, that I worked long hours, often doing the jobs of multiple resource persons for projects. Write the funding proposal, design the training course, write the materials, organize the participants, organize the finances and also be the trainer for the workshop, while also maintaining the website, the server the website runs on and the code/framework the website runs on and writing the communications materials. Across multiple fields.

But age has slowly caught up with me. Heading towards my 50s, I just couldn't physically do it anymore. Waking up pre-dawn to get in a few hours of work, before everyone else starts their day, sleeping in the office.

All these things have finally caught up.

I've been taking painkillers to sleep recently. And can barely wake up at dawn anymore, much less pre-dawn. With onset of Presbyopia, my eyes now get tired focusing and switching between different screens at different distances.

So after June, I'm not going to do anymore projects where I'm filling in the role of multiple resources persons.

Instead will just focus on managing and mentoring younger folks, increasing opportunities for them and wherever possible, ensure that they have a good healthy work environment.