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by kaeru published 2021/11/21 20:50:00 GMT+8, last modified 2021-12-20T13:58:36+08:00

I'm currently working on civic tech, and also moonlighting as an independent investigative journalist working on applying innovative methods of open data and standards, for transparency and anti-corruption

Have spent over a decade working on cross-practice and cross-sector programmes for UN agencies, governments and civil society in Asia-Pacific for civic tech, e-governance, knowledge management, and human rights. Some of the projects I've worked on include working on policies and capacity building programmes for open technology in developing countries, ILO Asia-Pacific's Knowledge Management system and community websites.

More recently, more people probably know me for my open data, open gov and civic tech work at Sinar Project and D4D Asia.

I'm also an open source software developer and sysadmin, using mostly Python and Ubuntu Linux and FreeBSD operating systems.

This site covers notes on a variety of topics that I do, some of which might be converted to technical guides and howtos.

You can support my personal work on civic tech and investigative journalism as well as see updates to this work on my Patreon page.

If you would like to support civic tech organization in Malaysia and Southeast Asia, check out Sinar Project.

You can find me elsewhere on the Internet:

Standard disclaimer: The views on this site are my own and do not represent viewpoints of any organization or projects I'm associated with.