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Logseq for personal notes and knowledge management

by kaeru published 2022/04/06 13:45:00 GMT+8, last modified 2023-04-06T13:46:21+08:00

Needed a personal knowledge management system that can I can use in my daily workflow that consolidates, daily journal, tasks, schedules, deadlines, contacts, files, links etc. and discovered logseq.

  • Local storage, plain text, markdown formatting
  • GTD priority, tasks, schedule/deadlines across everything
  • Custom queries on tags, properties, references
  • Quick lookup and embedded references between notes
  • Upload easily local assets (files, images etc.)
  • Templates
  • Open source

Logseq as of 0.6.1 has all the features, that I need at the moment, but new features and improvements are being added on a weekly basis.

Example workflow for me:

- Open daily journal, organize tasks by projects (which can be referenced later), see overview of upcoming schedule and priorities for everything
- If a task is to say follow up on someone asking for focal points, in Thailand working on Digital Rights and Network Censorship. I should be able to find that person and organization within 10 seconds and then respond quickly.

Because everything is linked, I should be also then be to quickly able to quickly see/query when and for what I have interacted with those focal points in the past (or upcoming), whether it's a call, an event, worked on a project together, or part of same community of practice network.

In a similar way, I can quickly pull up parliamentary replies, with data of reported cases of domestic violence during Covid19. The original task took 30mins to research, but now takes me a few seconds for the same info when needed. This now adds to a growing list of useful references on use of parliamentary information that is automatically linked.

Logseq has helped a lot with reducing pain and anxiety for context switching between multiple projects with resources in multiple online systems and locations. I can quickly deal and file away new information knowing it's in a system I can depend on.

You can find plenty of resources on Youtube by others on using logseq for these sort of things, and I'll add some of mine shortly as well.