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by kaeru published 2021/11/21 17:42:55 GMT+8, last modified 2021-11-21T17:42:55+08:00

Standup Breaks x Photography

by kaeru published 2024/05/29 12:02:30 GMT+8, last modified 2024-05-29T12:02:30+08:00
Making the most of standup breaks with photography
Dragonfly, 135mm F7.1 1/500

Been feeling a lot of back pain in different parts, and visually focusing due to long periods sitting in front of screen for work.

I need to do short stand up breaks, get outside the house and move around a bit. So why not combine this with photography?

So I'm getting into a habit, that when I should take a break, to also pick up the camera. I enjoy photography, so it's also a good incentive. Additionally it's good for creativity and working on my photography skills.

Like what could you possible take in such a mundane setting like your small house front and backyard in the city?

Surprising a lot. It's also a good stress break, by taking my mind also off work.

One part of trying to consistently have these 30min daily routines for different things that I seem to not have time for.

Exercise, music, drawing, photography, videography and gardening. If I can fit three, 30min activities daily as a habit, it should be quite productive over time.

Oriental Magpie Robin, a common bird in Malaysia